Water Supply

As a result of our work in many parts of the world, we know of or have immediate access to strategically located very high quality natural freshwater sources in significant quantities.
Depending on the location of your market, we may be able to provide water in bulk from one or more of these sources within 24 months.  The time is necessary to secure the source in the amount you want, provide or assist in the provision of the conveyance technology that makes sense from source to market, and ensure the buyer is capable to receiving and using the water.
One of the most limiting "real world" facts is that most ports do not have an adequate pipe radius at tidewater to receive bulk water with any cost efficiency.  Pumping is rarely the limitation, its almost always the size of the pipe.
Most of these water sources are of such quality that it is not likely you will want to use them for municipal waters.  They are more appropriate for beverage stocks or bottled water.  This is also necessary given the distance and cost of conveyance.  A bottled product has a much better cost/price margin then you will find in almost always subsidized municipal waters.
So, if you need water, ask and we will let you know if we have a source within your market's reach.  But to get you in the right mood in thinking about water here is a very uplifting video PowerPoint we like: 

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We do know of sources that can be used for municipal waters in some markets.  It is however difficult for a municipal water district to set rates at a point sufficient to cover the cost of conveyance.  We have suggested to some markets with marginal water quality  - to import and then mix it with local water allowing the municipal water to significantly increase its overall water quality at a reasonable cost of total "new water" created by this strategy.
We are constantly in search of "new water" for bulk export.  If you have a water source you would like us to look at, send us a note and we will be more than willing to open discussions with you about prospective markets.
It sort of works from both ends of the spectrum,  water source - water market.  You need both to make it work.  But then, there are other alternatives too.  We love being creative when facing impossible challenges.

Attached to our web site are photos and videos of water sources we are working with or already have export right to.  If you would like more information about any of these or other sources, just ask.  We'd love to sell you some water.
Ric Davidge,
Feb 17, 2011, 11:06 AM