Finding new water
That's really what we do for markets regardless of size or location. 
By "new water" in this context, we mean new water sources that are NOT dependent on local precipitation and/or its storage and conveyance.  Although we will look closely at how local water is being used within a market and make some recommendations on potential conservation strategies, we will not suggest, unless directed, to present conservation methods that cause harm to a local economy or lifestyle.  This is because we will likely present reasonable alternatives in "new water".
Remember, everything we do is market driven.  That means its location, elasticity of demand and price, and its seasonality, lifestyle, economy, etc are all critical variables we consider when making our recommendations for either source diversity or other strategies for "new water".
Our unique value as a consulting group is that we look at markets, all sizes and configurations, and their water needs totally independent of technologies or strategies that may hinder others in these efforts.  We purposefully look outside of the box or pipe- outside of the norms - to craft a "new water" strategy for a market - always concerned about cost, environmental impacts, economic implications, and cultural or lifestyle impacts.  Our purpose is to help markets grow and be sustainable.  Its just in our best interest to approach markets this way.  We want markets to be happy, thriving, and eagerly looking towards a bright future.
We provide the menu of choices for policy makers as they struggle with these demands.  And our menus are far more extensive then any other consultant will offer.  Why, because that is what we do.  Because we are constantly looking at new ideas and how they might help markets solve their demand or water security problems now and 50 years forward.
We love to compete with other consulting firms in developing options for markets.  Most of our competition find themselves constricted by their own companies either through relationships with proprietary technologies or conveyance systems.  We are not restricted at all.  We are free to be innovative which is always in a markets best interests.
Does your market have a unique problem?  Have you built new very expensive systems only to discover they are not performing as sold?  Or the ongoing service contracts are killing you?  Look at Tampa, Florida and so many other markets that rushed into solutions without really looking at all of their choices.  We like choices, the more we can responsibly present the better.  We like informed buyers, because they make solid choices and they like us.
In our water consulting work we think 50 years forward.  Any choice we offer a client in their effort to solve their demand or conveyance needs is offered with a clear understanding of what that means 50 years forward.  This kind of thinking often changes the choices you make.  Remember, technology is never static - it is always improving.
Interested?  Send us an email and get onboard for a new approach to finding "new water".