"New Water"

For decades a group of exceptionally innovative and revered Japanese scientists have been working on new technologies that enable, what they refer to as, the "restructuring" of water.  Simply, they naturally alter the molecular structure of water increasing its pH and enhancing it with other properties that enhance its absorption and human cell efficiencies as well as dramatically enhancing applications in the environment such as agriculture.

We are partners with the only American privileged to have been a participant in this research, Ed Alexander.  Ed also now owns a number of world patents dealing with this technology that were provided him by such notables as Kokichi Hanaoka Ph.D.  Dr. Hanaoka has just released a new extraordinary book, that we were asked to review and provide comments on, entitled:  The Discovery of the Enhanced Property of Water Supporting Life and Ecology.  This is the most comprehensive book on the science of water.  Once released for publication we will place it in our Water Library for you to access.

In addition, we have in Alaska, someone very knowledgeable of this and other "new water" technologies, Eric Cox.  Eric has been a team member of ours on this and other new water based technologies with direct consumer applications for some time.  He has spent over 18 years researching and pursuing this "cause" and he is very passionate about high pH, quality waters, restructuring, and special formulas that have implications for human health.  He finds himself in the proximity of one of the most extraordinary waters on the planet and we are working closely together to advance the commercialization of this extraordinary natural glacier water which is 23,000 years old.  Most glaciers in Alaska are not much older then 10,000 years.

Why is this important?

Using a glacier water from one of the oldest glaciers in Alaska (23,000+ yrs/natural pH 8.0) we will be installing a proprietary process we call "polarization" meaning "to polarize".  This  causes the natural alkaline minerals in this unique water to be restructured and combined with extraordinary suplements that Eric beleives will have significant health benefits.  The effects of this polarization creates an enhanced drinking water through its increased alkaline pH level at (9.2), its lower level of oxidation and its higher level of ionic product - resulting in a restructured glacier water with unique functional properties.  We believe this new product has significant uses in medical applications for human health as well as beverages.  Not that we are making any "medical claims" at this point, but the research is very promising and we want to put it into commercial form just as quickly as we can and begin testing its reception in the health food industry.  Eric continues in the lead of this project and we are gathering like minded scientists and investors that will help move these extraordinary products into global markets.  We already have a committment from one of the largest global distributors of such products, but continue to look for others.

With one of the partners in this area of development, we are now selecting new property in cooperation with an Alaskan Native Corporation to locate this new production facility close to the water source.  This facility will not only be capable of production (minimum 1 million cases per year) but also house a research facility headed up by Eric to advance the mix of this "fine" water and other beverage style additives that will be attractive in these markets.
AQUEOUS International is pleased to continue our relationship with Eric and his associates from around the world.
Interested?  Let us know if you have questions.  You can send us an email at rdavidge@cyalaska.com
We will soon be updating our website with a number of new product profiles like the above that will be of interest to anyone interested in the properties of water and how it can be restructured to enhance human health and our environment.  Frankly, some of these are quite extraordinary.  We will NOT make health claims that cannot be supported, but we want our friends and clients to have this information just as soon as it can be released.