Investor Interest

At present we have the following opportunities and projects underway:


(When talking about markets, we are only talking about existing market partners in countries serving human thirst via  beverage containers.)

  •  Applications filed and accepted by the State of Alaska to secure bulk water export permits at four (4) sites in Southeast Alaska with the potential annual export of about 4.6 Billion gallons a year.  Our goal is to secure sufficient sites (20) by the end of 2016 allowing no less than 50 Billion gallons a year in exports.  This effort will continue toward an outside goal of 92 Billion gallons a year just from Alaska and about 50 Billion from a variety of other global sources we have experience with for drinking water/beverage markets in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.
  • Letter of Intent to secure bulk export rights from an existing permitted site for up to 9.2 Billion gallons a year.
  •  A new revolutionary desalination and water cleaning technology that is now in testing.  We will make a global announcement once we are ready with these new tests.
  • A new water treatment technology that has immediate applications for mines that use water.  This technology dramatically increases mineral yields while reducing cost and significantly reducing the concerns with discharging chemicals.  This technology is currently in operation by a Japanese firm at a unique location in the U.S.  Exclusive license for Alaska and Canada.
  • A new water treatment chemical technology approved by the EPA that has very specific applications for mining and river cleaning especially with heavy metals, etc.  This would be a significant opportunity in China and India.  Exclusive license for Alaska and Canada.
  • A new water polarization technology that can adjust the molecular structure of water to enhance its pH and other health related properties.  This is of specific interest to the health foods/beverages and medical treatment markets.
  • Global consulting in solving the most vexing freshwater demand problems in any area of the world.  We respond to each challenge from a market rather than just a technological approach often offering our clients alternatives they have not otherwise considered that are far more cost effective and less environmentally adverse than more traditional approaches.