About Us

We have been in this business since 1994, but not always under the name AQUEOUS.  Formerly we were known as Alaska Water Exports, Inc. and then as a partner in World Water, SA a global consortium of major multinational companies looking at the development of new water conveyance technologies for global markets.  Upon discovering a flaw in the business assumptions of World Water, we went back to the drawing board, took it all apart and then rebuilt the concepts.  We recreated ourselves as AQUEOUS International, Inc. to more accurately reflect what we do, why we do it, and how we do it.
The fundamental change was clearly understanding the essential need to own our water either through acquisition or desalination.  Foreign bulk water purchase agreements are not as secure as they are within the United States.  Lesson learned.
We have provided assistance to many markets, in a quiet and deliberative manner as they struggle with a host of water policy, politics, and technology issues.  These include national, regional, and city/state markets as well as private concerns in countries in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Russia, Canada, and the United States.  We invite you to visit "Our Team" and look at the level of our collective experience and competence.  We are also often engaged by Wall Street and the trading houses in London and Asia to look at new concepts/investment ideas in water and provide an unbiased opinion on their realistic potential. 
For years we have read patent applications from around the world using proprietary seach services.  We do this so that we know what is being developed and to see if there are new technolgies that we may want to particpate in or apply for clients.